USE 02-10-2022

Universal Spiritual Event


All day exposition AB3L

Opening Prayer Garra
Workshop Kalaripayattu (Indian martial art) Djahan Manuela Perez
Talk about Circular Food Abel & Zippora and Blessing of the Food Djahan Manuela Perez
Walk in the Area Eva van der Zand
Workshop Mohini Attam(Indian traditional dance from Kerala) Djahan Manuela Perez
Tea Ceremony Eva van der Zand
Performance: Zippora Martosoewando. Channeling the energy of the day into heartfelt sounds. So we can relax into the next season.
Wasi, Final Ceremony Garra
Het programma zal in zowel Nederlands als Engels gegeven worden, álle facilitators spreken Nederlands en Engels.
The program wil be given in Dutch as in English, all facilitators speak Dutch as well as English.


Djahan Manuela Mazhari Perez

I hope to offer a sharing/tasting of the mother of martial arts, Kalarippayattu, where feminine and masculine meet, where the energy of nature flowing through our bodies connects us to others and our own stream. I am looking forward to guide the people through the ancient tradition, with its discipline and repetitive cycles, but also through the timelessness of it, because of embracing the totality of the body mind spirit paradigm.

Although being a martial art and making a nice strong warm up, we will end up instead of fighting (which can be fun like a dance with sticks or other), with a choreographed body prayer in gratituted towards life, represented by a specific altar in space, having a universal symbolism with it. This altar is known in Kalaris as "the Puttara" and the prayer: Puttara Vandanam.

It is through our incarnation that we can experience life, so it is the vehicle we should also cherish and maintain in order to fulfill our dharma or highest wishes in this life.

Mohini Attam

Mohini Attam is the classical dance style from Kerala, south India.

It embodies the pure feminine, yet holds in the power of the masculine, which are always balancing/supporting each other in Hindo cosmology.
IT is the dance of enchantment, where grace, devotion and gratitude fill the heart while the body does intricate story telling. The eyes move on the music, the fingers make mudras with beautiful energetic lines accompanying the sounds and story, the facial expression playfully changes, exaggerates the subject of the narration, the feet adorn the rhythm on earthy bells, the body moves like a blade of grass in the wind. 
We are nature, we come from nature and if we allow ourselves to get in tune we can find the inner bliss of oneness, with all. 
The stories narrated are from the classical Mahabharata, Ramayana, or other but finally its all about humankind, our hopes, fears, passions, madness, destruction, love, devotion. It seems as if we go far from our natural selves, to work on sophistication, preciseness, posture, expression, stories of fantastic superpowers, and then ...finally we realize that we meet ourselves in the exercise and understand even better our humankind.
Mohini Attam was danced in the temples as Devadasis, women priestesses devoted to the God of a temple, even married to it. They were held in high esteem, until the British arrived and forbid the practice. These dancer/priestesses were the only women who also had access to the hidden knowledge of the scriptures, vedas the hymns and were allowed to perform in public or for the worship of the Gods. 

It is a beautiful ancient tradition in which one learns to forget oneself to serve a beautiful art form, which is a gift of liberation for the ego. In this way humility and hard work allow our spirit to grow.

In this small introduction to Mohini Attam, i will lead you through a gentle warming up, a taste of the feet rhythms, facial expressions, 3 or 4 hand mudras. With this as a base, we can play together improvising on a beautiful indian music, allowing eachother to make, play our own stories with no pressure of remembering a sequence.
Finally its all about learning to be in the moment, fully, with awareness and joy for sharing.
Garra rrana /Blue Dragonfly
Opening Prayer & Closing Wasi Ceremony
Walking the songlines of her African Ancestors, by the guidance of her Grandmothers. Medicine Woman and teacher, who works with traditional medicines and leads different ceremonies and rituals. Creative artist, sharing the language of the spirits in tribal dance and songs. Together with Wiruungga Dunggiirr they are building bridges and bringing different cultures together to create awareness of the new dreaming.
Garra is also available for private sessions on this day. If you wish to recieve a private session, book through
Private sessions, all inspired and guided by my African Ancestors
Water reading (water ritual including libation, connecting with the ancestors, water cleansing)
15 min - €35,- / 30 min - €70/ 45 - €100/ 60 min - €115
Energetic Body Scan; different techniques   Ancestor work, locating trigger points,  releasing energy, optimization of the energy field (aura). 
15 min - €60 / 30 min - €80 / 45 min - €115/ 60 min - €138
Sound healing/channeling
15 min €50
Eva van der Zand

All our daily acts can become magical when we start researching and questioning the whole circle a person, a product or object went through before it came in touch with your body, hands, nose, mouth, tongue and ears. I create gatherings where reconnecting with each other, our bodies and the things we put in our bodies are central. What we put inside our bodies is an intimate act, it becomes part of us.

A main focus became tea. Meeting different tea ceremonies done by various tea  and co-creating with various tea traders and specialist gatherings to awaken our senses, enjoy and nourish our precious insides. I started a place exactly on the border between Netherlands and Germany where I host various gatherings for researching and experiencing.

For me the location and landscape always plays a big roll in the products that are eaten and the objects that are used. I take groups on walks into the landscape to interact with what is there. Like a small ceremony to connect to something that is bigger then just ourselves. What is that for you? Shall we invite the outer landscapes to enter our inner landscapes? Shall we share about the borders we experience when we interact with our inside and outside world? How can some borders become more solid and some borders more fluid?

I am looking forward to meet you on a special location to make time to slow down with a special group of people… where I invited you for a moment of embodied tea drinking …. and a walk where we allow to awaken our voices and bodies to open up in the landscape… and 

Beeldende kunst geeft mij een weerspiegeling van mijn zijn, alle vruchten die het leven mij geven (zoete, zure, bittere en rotte) worden hierbij geoogst in visie. 
De beelden zijn vaak surrealistich waarbij het contrast tussen grenzen/vrijheid en connectie/loslaten vaak te zien is.